Thriller Novel American Jackal Published in Paperback

Author holding copy of thriller novel

Dr. Francis Bandettini, Author and Psychiatrist Sharing a Proof Copy of American Jackal

For those of you who have been requesting a “real book,” we have published a copy of American Jackal in paperback. (It barely feels like a paperback. It’s huge.)

You can order all 568 pages now on CreateSpace and Amazon.

If you need a good medical thriller novel with a psychiatry twist, you will love American Jackal. Troy Stoker, MD is a psychiatrist living and practicing in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He lives a relatively quiet life until one of his patients drags him into a struggle with a corrupt government official. Fortunately, Stoker knows the Constitution and he has the intestinal fortitude to stand up for his rights. However, the people who oppose him are bold, and they will stop at nothing to cover up their crimes.

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