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Bob Dunsworth Narrates American Jackal for Audible and iTunes

Thanks to professional narrator Bob Dunsworth, we’ve just published the American Jackal audiobook edition on Audible and iTunes. When we heard Bob’s demos we were impressed. When he read the voices of Troy Stoker, Errol Rivera, and the commander, we knew Bob Dunsworth had to tell the American Jackal story.

We’re honored to have a narrator with such an extensive list of professional voice acting credits to his name. If you have a road trip on your horizon or if you just want to listen to a great narration of a thrilling story, download your copy from either iTunes or Audible.

Bob also created three radio spots for us:

Don’t be surprised if you hear these thirty-second spots on the radio.

Bonus question: Can you tell which radio spot Dr. Bandettini wrote? Hint: Every moment of every day is intense in the world of Dr. Francis Bandettini.

Speical thanks to for the musical accompaniment in the advertisements.

Fly Terrafugia For Game Changing Technology

There is no science fiction in the novel American Jackal. All of the technology we write about exists — including a company in Massachusetts that makes a car that flies.

Terrafugia’s first product, the Transition, has graced the skies for a few years. Buyers can reserve one now. The Transition is an amazing automobile for people who want to access both the roads and the skies. In the personal transportation lexicon the word “automobile” is starting to encompass airplanes, helicopters, and other flying machines! That thrills us.

In American Jackal, we write about Terrafugia’s second product, the TF-X. The fictional Dr. Errol Rivera is a test pilot for this new automobile. As authors and people interested in science and emerging technology, we voluntarily adopted and included the TF-X in our book because we loved the TF-X’s elegant design. (Terrafugia did not even know we wrote about their technology until after we published the book. This was not any type of product placement or “deal.”)

The engineers at Terrafugia elected a powered lift design that a video can showcase much better than words. Click here to see the Terrafugia TF-X video.

We may be fiction writers, but in reality we envision the day when our neighbors start their cars, back out of their garages, hover up a few hundred feet in the air, and engage the forward thrust that propels them through the skies to their destination. That’s the mission the company’s accomplishing, according to Alex Min, Co-Founder, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer of Terrafugia. “Fundamentally, we want to help change how people get around. The Transition is the first step and an evolutionary one as we see it. Our next generation vehicle, the TF-X, should be revolutionary by allowing people that are not pilots to operate a PAV, or Personal Air Vehicle.”

As we were writing American Jackal, we investigated a number of “flying car” companies. There are numerous people and firms with prototypes. Many of them have attracted millions of dollars of investment — but their crafts have never flown more than a few feet off the ground. Most of these test “flights” occur with the vehicle tethered to the ground. However, Terrafugia is different. The firm has logged thousands of hours with a real flying car.

– Matt Nilsen

– Dr. Bandettini

Thriller Novel American Jackal Published in Paperback

Author holding copy of thriller novel

Dr. Francis Bandettini, Author and Psychiatrist Sharing a Proof Copy of American Jackal

For those of you who have been requesting a “real book,” we have published a copy of American Jackal in paperback. (It barely feels like a paperback. It’s huge.)

You can order all 568 pages now on CreateSpace and Amazon.

If you need a good medical thriller novel with a psychiatry twist, you will love American Jackal. Troy Stoker, MD is a psychiatrist living and practicing in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He lives a relatively quiet life until one of his patients drags him into a struggle with a corrupt government official. Fortunately, Stoker knows the Constitution and he has the intestinal fortitude to stand up for his rights. However, the people who oppose him are bold, and they will stop at nothing to cover up their crimes.

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Thank you for helping us spread the word about the new thriller novel, American Jackal. You’ll like this book if you like:

  • Medical thrillers
  • Gritty decisions
  • Capitalism and healthcare
  • People who stand up for the Constitution
  • Conservatism
  • Psychiatry
  • Small government
  • Strong women
  • Innovations such as fMRI and NanoBUGS
  • New Terrafugia TF-X flight technology
  • Brave men and women
  • Confrontations with government corruption

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