Troy Stoker, M.D., bursts onto the psychiatry thriller landscape when his high-profile patient makes a simple mistake that could cost her everything, including her life.

Medical thriller American Jackal at Amazon

Who is the American Jackal? In this confrontation with corruption, Ann Higgins stumbles into the underworld life of a high-ranking South Dakota statesman; and she catapults her psychiatrist, Troy Stoker, M.D., into the conflict. When her chilling discovery threatens to devastate a politician’s secret dominion, Ann ends up dangling from a makeshift noose and fighting for her survival, while plunging Dr. Stoker even deeper into the battle of minds, muscles and new tech.

Dr. Stoker enlists Errol Rivera, a fellow physician and military attaché to help unravel the mystery and take on the challenges set before them. Together Stoker and Rivera use their brilliant intuition, psychiatric savvy and military skills to pursue the veiled, corrupt politician and hunt down his criminal pack.

Still, Stoker is unaware that his Cuban-born, patriot friend, Rivera, is much more than a doctor with a hero’s past. At his command, Rivera unleashes an elite band of warriors who engage their training, guts, technology and weaponry to confront the corruption.

Hold on and accelerate into this gritty thrill ride as a new hero, Troy Stoker, M.D., emerges in the explosive new political and psychiatry thriller, American Jackal.

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